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We’ve heard the words

a hundred times

’you‘re so young’

’much life is ahead of you’

yet does it truly

make one feel better

when the past is blurred

and today serves discontent?

Our world

such is our un-changing world

of many ages

fuelled by fear and rage

Can one

embody his evolving heart

when around us

none can embrace change?

The man in the mirror

can recall

the many moons

the many bars

All those times

displeased with the world

and himself

such a naive man he was

17 years

one spent moulded

not as an individual

but a dividual

and when a second chance was realised

the man chose

to be hard boiled

and observant

the few years since

I have seen

the rendered man

diminishing but with quarrel

in another decade or so

perhaps the effect

will be reversed

but only at my expense

I am now 23

and I hope to see

a different man

in the mirror

at the end of 44 seasons

beginning this summer

it leads a life

unto old death.

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