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All the sorrows

In our first morning together

you gave me a book

the cover you painted

before I could turn a page

and you stuck a print inside

Eiffel tower

seen through your eyes

two years prior

you never read it

but it was for the broken hearted

the afraid

the fragile but stubborn

and I loved that book

before I loved you

it was when indifferent to our differences

through guilt

I’d read it

even if it was a few times a year

the time

of our mutual love

even as the months pass

and I drive to where we once were

and gaze at the endless hills we both adored

(where I write this now)

my love for you

fails to clear

I know you’ve left for good

I broke your heart

and now mine too

but I hope you’re fine at the least

because I can always drive here

and break my soul

again and again

with the book




Stanyan Street

with your painted cover

I read it day and night

a reminder

of how I failed you

just like everybody else

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