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At a party I met a girl

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The bands rocked

and we rolled into the night.

There were men and women I admired

there were men and women I had never met.

Creatives and non-creatives,

blue collars and white collars.

At this busy party I spent my time on the balcony,

the balcony

constantly cloudy of cigarette smoke even though it was outside,

and it that mass

there stood you.

Toe to toe you stood with me,

I on the couch

you hovering above,

I saw your flushed face and I asked

what do you want?

Soon enough

I was caught in your emotional storm.

You kept your mouth shut

and only talked when you were sure.

We talked of the weather

we talked of our past and future,

on and on we conversed

and we figured there was only one thing we truly knew,

that was that we knew


You had stopped my yawns for the night

I shared my cheap tobacco,

you, your whisky.

We went downstairs

back up

down again then up again,

swaying to the dreamy flamingo

we held hands like high-school sweethearts.

An eventful night

and yet no more words were spoken out of my desolate mouth.

Thinking now

at all those intervals

I could've talked more

could've done this or that,

but in those final hours

I sat aloof on the couch

and watched the ash waltz on the coffee table.

This scattered stag closed his heart,

you had courage

but where was mine?

At a party I met a girl

and now we're life apart for life.

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