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Bearded Lady (A beginning in Stanyan Street, and a tearful end on Rockbourne Terrace)

Upon our parting

I should've went home

and freshened my sheets

a faint smell lingered,

I went to sleep

crying more than ever

and haunted

you were still in my bed

And perhaps I was in love

but it was love that I couldn't accept


not even yours my sweet

your love

was no match for my heart

forever stained.

From the deepest oceans

I'm sorry I couldn't trust you

even when you spoke the truth

but you must know

I was comfortable in solitude

everyday in every year

except that night,

after many tears

and a final kiss

that night

I didn't want to be


Not even in sleep

do I stop to wonder

if I made the right decision

Not even with closed eyes

do my scars

fail to burn

I'd like to do everything for you

but a coward will do none

so please

tell me you'll be okay

I couldn't live

with anything less.

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