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Between Proses

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Every eye can see

the bright colours in every strand

in any space you grace

all too easy to cherish every moment

...the simple,

most of all

I think...



with ink and paper in hand

or making licorice tea for two.

I questioned my smiles

but what a charm

I even asked my heart

and it can't recall

the sadness of time.

Every word reminds me of a song

and every look... spring

flowers in endless bloom

but I can kiss no song

or hold those dear flowers close

at the least

cherished moments we can carve in print


each copy I'll see in another's hand

will only remind me of my life



... and yours

blessedly tied with another.

My best efforts, I suppose

to be content with

a smile

and I hope it'll suffice.

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