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Who knew

that my distaste for certain kinds

so burdensome

for that gentle soul of yours,

though it reckoned I should oblige

that I'd forever be at service...

We both know


I gave chance a go multiple times

hoping you'd understand

the misunderstandings

and the miscommunications

(dealt far too often)

that we got to be honest

and blunt if needed

to work it out


I led the dance

and I cared did I not?

Or was it not enough I wonder,

perhaps too much.

I knew through our year

and through our two new weeks


date the one soul

why should friends and family intervene

in our soft love?

why did you ever talk about us

and let them fool you?

could you not hold the weight?

or was I that cruel?

Barely distraught when you cried

and gave your all

I didn't take it seriously

I suppose then and there.

For two weeks

far and busy

I had no moment to gather...

but it was dawning

I knew it'd arrive

when I saw again your art

on my walls

those gifts you gave me

scattered around

and that letter

next to my pillow

the crash came when I got home

and again I've fucked up

I'm back at the familiar start.

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