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Mt. Me(e)

Tears flowed

On our way home,

The long drive through Mount Mee.

She missed all the beauty

Of rolling hills

Of miles of untouched trees

When silence fell on fallen eyes.

My tear bearer

Thought I had made life tense

By the clash of realness

And my withdrawal from your mouth,

Utter nonsense

From otherwise sweet lips.

You cry because I ignore you

I ignore you because I adore silence,

Where one can think

Before deciding

Whether or not to speak

Much like what we were taught at school:

'Think before you act'.

Lesson One for the pretentious meek

Know as a final notice

I shall make every attempt

To contemplate alone

To ignore

And disengage you

If cries of trash are every heard.

You're still learning life

I know




You will learn from me

If you want to keep up

And that is Lesson Two

Because I've done nothing wrong.

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