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Nothing's Changed


what fortunes you held

you used to call me the devil's child

how accurate that was


you had your excuses

but I know you quietly agreed

I've never seen love in your eyes

and sister,

older blood by three years

but I wonder if you were like me

or if you never were

I can remember

a bully, a pest, a screw-up

I've always been

Every person I've met

wanted me out

And every chance been given

a failure

Even to the closest

I shared my all

tried and tried

then the smiles faded away

all that was left

was your tears and frowns

And now it's too late

I would give it my all to try again

but I've got to let it go

Let you,

everyone find a good life

without me involved

Perhaps I've been condemned since birth

Never the bravery to end it all

A walk ahead

in a path of pain

Nothing new I suppose.

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