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Updated: Sep 1, 2019


Countless masks emerge

from penthouses

from park benches

robot eyes wander the streets.

Wear the mask

when you languish and consent to offences,

It's all in the eyes

one can see through those petty lies.

The truth buried

waken to forged memories,

behind the disguise

a bear cradled by a thousand hands.

In and out

mostly out of yourself,

tip toeing around right and wrong,

nodding to all prompts directed

maybe this is the way it's always been?

They label for the fear of unknown

and yet you believe its all true for you,

begging to please others

living for others out of working hours.

And why?

You're eccentric like the rest of them,

but you run from yourself

cast an act

aim for joy from another man's scheme.

Whilst licking imagined wounds

the hand strikes another

and midnight madness come torture the soul at day.

Nothing then

but to stare at your dreams.

So to those pretentious eyes,

the dim spark behind a mask

Can you trust the word of mouth?

Can that vail seal the bond?

Or will one man's great be another man's poor?

Countless paths ahead,

live for man

or for the one.

Extra baggage if you cheat your way through,

what lies in the eyes of another

can't always be so true.

Keep an open mind

the last decision is yours,

strive for free thoughts

forget what you've been taught

Or soon the light will fade away.


I live for a man.

I live for a man who lives a lie

For a man who dares to play with light.

I live for a man with a foggy mind,

my sunrise reminder

he's the shadow of the truth to be.

I live for a great man

(at times he believes),

flirting with life blindly

marching to one's own beat

Ragged down by perils of yesterday



As all else

a loose piece of the puzzle.

He hates to conform,

he'll turn his back onto the world,

I live for this man whom I deeply despise

but will he front the way to clear my cloudy eyes?

So should he decide to trade in love,

should he decide to trade in his rock,

I ask the man to lead life's dance.

Lost for long

and perhaps forever more,

but a hairline chance and I'll keep living for the man.

This man -


Originally accompanied by a short experimental film, split in 2 sections

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