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When water conquer banks

shall memories flow


those glory days

those many moons

man was once with all.

Now soldiered

closeted hearts echo

to a bite

treated by a blind eye

in all ages

sung the birds

cried the fish


in agony

the racers

turned for gold.

Came (non)sense then

wigs digged graves

and rulers now slaughter life

barely alive

in the name of power

founded on fear

disguised as hope.

Coming age shading

and globe of beacons useless

as a status possession

or new title


at best a moments smile.


further distant

from their own home

of untouched grounds

and abundant silence

sought in dreams of day and night

be found in one’s utopia

through ruby sand

or pale flats

and endless valleys


then rebirth

witness our cores of all.

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