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b. 1997

Self-taught Photographer, Printmaker, Writer

based in Nth NSW, Australia.


Specialised in Traditional Practices - Processing of 8mm to 8x10 format films, Silver Gelatin Printing, Alt Printing Methods, and more.


Currently working on large-format Bromoil prints

On the horizon: mural-sized (1m+ wide) prints.



Works on Display (Solo):


- Eltham Village Gallery, Eltham, Australia.

Feb 2023

Drawing a Photograph - Exploring the Techniques of 19th and 20th Century Photographic Printmaking

- The Scratch Bar, Brisbane, Australia.

Apr 2022 - May 2022

Going Large - Large Format Reproduction Prints (A1 to 2AO - Cyanotypes and Screen Prints)

- The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, Australia.

Nov 2021 - Mid 2022

Works on Display (Group):

First Light - Queensland Centre for Photography - Maud Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.

Nov-Dec 2020

Winter Project - Brisbane Indie Project, Brisbane, Australia.

Aug 2021


Writing Portfolio:

35mmc: Bromoil Prints - Enduring Patience in 'Painting' a Photograph, Feb 2023

35mmc: Shooting Gigs - Pushing The Boundaries of B&W Film, May 2022

Wanderer Magazine Issue 6 'Bitter Sweet': To Dance On The Razor's Edge, 2022


Global Hobo: Beyond the Claddings - A Commune In The City, Jan 2021


Analog Cookbook Vol.3: 'How to multi-expose Super 8mm Film', Sept/Oct 2020


5 Years Out: Self-'published' book of short notes, Feb 2020


Capture Magazine: Highly Commended Award for Single Shot: 'City Snow'  (below)

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13163 CPH ATEP Single Shot Highly Commen
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