Tom Schulte

Self-taught Photographer, Film-maker, Printmaker, Writer, based in Brisbane, Australia.

With a simplistic style, Tom focuses on depicting moments in it's most basic and true form, minimising any technical and aesthetic measures during the planning and production period.


From shooting and developing, to editing, projecting, printing and framing, Tom employs a DIY approach as much as possible.

Various Prints Available for Purchase:

- A3 Screen Prints

- A4 & A3 Cyanotype Prints

+ custom made prints. From A2 to 2A0

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Self-portraits on B&W Super 8 Film

Super 8 Film Looping System

Tom also occasionally engages with other creatives and events based in Brisbane and surrounding areas:

- Music Videos (Director, DOP, Editor, Writer)

- Press Photography, Album/Single Cover Photography for Local Musicians,

- Events Photography

- Projections of 8mm or 16mm film

- Curation and organising of exhibitions and events.

Currently working on:

- Further experiments with alternative processing film and printmaking

- Experiments with made-from-scratch ECN-2 Developer

- Creating music videos for musicians/bands of SE QLD and Nth NSW

- A venture into freelance writing.

Photography/Videography Press Portfolio:

Sunflower Stew: Pub-based craft: The Unknowns sincere rock and upcoming LP, Jul 2020

HappyMag: PREMIERE: Endless Valley usher you into a psychedelic oasis on 'Biophilia", Aug 2020

The Stew: From the Valley to the Country: Jim Griffin's sincere solo album, Oct 2020

Analog Cookbook: Issue 3 - Between two worlds - a guide on multi-exposing super 8mm film

The Partae: The Unknowns announce debut album + new video 'Waste My time', Oct 2020

NME: The Unknowns announce debut album 'Nothing Will Ever Stop', Nov 2020

HappyMag: Endless Valley navigate consciousness on their new single 'Oneiric', Dec 2020

Global Hobo: Super 8 content for Global Hobo's workshops, Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

The Stew: Issue 3 - Photography for Main Cover and Alt. Cover, Feb 2021


The Stew: Issue 4 - Photography for Main Cover and Alt. Cover, Mar 2021

Deafen Country: PREMIERE: Family Jordan share contemplative new single 'Stillness', Mar 2021

The Stew: Issue 5 - Photography for Main Cover and Subscriber Cover, Apr 2021

The Stew: Issue 6 - Photography for Subscriber Cover, May 2021

Group Exhibitions:

The Leap - The Spring Collective Gallery, Brisbane, Australia,

Jul 2020

First Light - Queensland Centre for Photography - Maud Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, Nov-Dec 2020


Music Videos:

Gooby Jim and The Goobs - Cat's Got Your Tongue  (Director, DOP, Camera Operator, Editor)

Jim Griffin - Rockhounds (Director, DOP, Camera Operator, Editor)

JB Paterson - Young Man For A While (Co-Director, Co-DOP, Co-Camera Operator)

Endless Valley - Biophilia (Director)

The Unknowns - Waste My Time (Co-Director, DOP, Camera Operator,  Editor)

Endless Valley - Oneiric (Director)

The Unknowns - Millennial Rock (Co-Director, DOP, Camera Operator,  Editor)


Writing Portfolio:

5 Years Out: Self-'published' book of short notes, Feb 2020

Analog Cookbook Vol.3: 'How to multi-expose Super 8mm Film', Sept/Oct 2020

Global Hobo: Beyond the Claddings - A Commune In The City, Jan 2021



Capture Magazine: Highly Commended Award for Single Shot: 'City Snow'  (below)

Jan'18 Tokyo 35S Foma400 4.jpg
13163 CPH ATEP Single Shot Highly Commen
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