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It comes and goes

Each morning

I awake with a whole bed

and soon notice

the flutter of wings outside

the many chirps of my hungry cat

the bed used to be half

and the kettle would boil

drowning the noise of the begging cat

and birds on early commute

we never stayed in after sleep

preoccupied with a day's affairs

(like boiling the kettle)

when we could've done

this or that

held each other even for a bit

time surely didn't help

I wanted you around always

my stubbornness wouldn't budge

for me

or for us

I still don't know how you felt

can't stop thinking now

with each sunrise

with each song I played on our drives

it pains me to think

but I can't stop

indulging in what you loathed...


and drinking my soul away

and filling my lungs with dust

through many night falls

that the white floating rock looks down over me

but with an empty smile

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