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Overalls, 2

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

If only

our time felt

like a calm stroll

through fields of wild flowers

or gentle flickers of winter fire.

But what lay ahead

that I knew not

I hoped for smooth sailing

yet my bearings were lost

in your abundant light.


because you worried about me

and it pained me to not know why,

because you cared about me

and it broke my heart.

So fresh

So naive you were,

searching for yourself

thinking I could help.

Listen if you will,

I despise you for making me talk,

this brute will only use you as a tool

corrupting you is not what I want to do.

So please

stop your flirting,

stop buying me dinner and drinks

just to cure your intrigue.

I'm playing the fool

nothing out of my mouth matters.

Take my bouquet of blues

and throw it out of your life.

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